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 ASP. NET / Custom Controls

A .NET server control to help you construct your web page
A CAPTCHA Control for ASP.NET 2
A CAPTCHA Server Control for ASP.NET
A convenient DataGrid Pager Control
A Custom Dialog Box Control
A Grouping Repeater Control for ASP.NET
A Localizable Currency TextBox
A NestedRepeater control for ASP.NET
A Resource Server Handler Class For Custom Controls
A Simple ASP.NET Tab Control Using the MultiView control
AJAX DropDownList
AJAX WAS Here - Part 3 : Auto Complete TextBox
AlphaNavigator Re-Make
AlphaNavigator: Hotmail style strip of letters representing entries starting with a certain letter
An ASP.NET Composite Control for US and UK dates
An easy way to write a "date picker"!
An extended GridView that allows inserting rows
ASP.NET Collapsible Draggable Panel Server Control
ASP.NET Controls to prevent automatic registrations from bots
ASP.NET Cross-Browser Toolbar
ASP.NET Custom Controls - Client-Side Script Generation
ASP.NET DataGrid Header Slider Control
ASP.NET DB Admin Control
ASP.NET Dynamic XML Web Menu Control based on JavaScript
ASP.NET Expand/Contract DataGrid
ASP.NET Guest Entry Form
ASP.NET Outlook Style Toolbar Control
ASP.NET Outlook-like Time Field
ASP.NET Popup Control
ASP.NET Tree Control
Associated Icons Image Control
Auto-SQL DataGrid component Part II: The full-featured version
BetterCalendar WebControl
Cliche RollOvers - Revisted
ClickOnce Button Server Control
Combo control
ComboBox Control for ASP.NET
ComboBox WebControl
Cool Calendar - Amazing Calendar without popup
CountryListBox ASP.NET Web Control, lists countries and automatically detects country of visitors.
Creating a web based tab control
Creating a DotNetNuke® Module - For Absolute Beginners!
Creating a highly manageable TreeView control using Microsoft Web TreeView control
Creating a Multicolumn Combo Box in ASP.NET
Creating a Super-Fast and Super-Easy DotNetNuke® Module - for Absolute Beginners!
Creating Custom Web Controls
Custom ComboBox server control for ASP.NET
Database Driven HTML popup menu
Databound Schedule controls
Datagrid custom control to change the row color on Mouse Over event
Date control with support for languages and different date formats
Date Validator Custom Web Control
DayPilot - Building an Outlook-Like Calendar Component for ASP.NET
Development of Dynamically linked comboboxes set for ASP.NET
DHTML Clock Control
DHTML timer control
Dialog Opener that Fires Server Event on Main Form when Closed
DotNetNuke SiteMap
DropDownCheckList ASP.NET Server Control
Easy to use Hit Counter
eCoolWebPanelBar - Outlook style Web Panel Bar
ExpandingTable with Design-Time support
ExtendedImageButton: Image button with extended functionality including - JavaScript rollovers, confirmation pop-up box, disabled state and alt tags
Extender provider components in ASP.NET: an IExtenderProvider implementation
Extending the Label Control
Fast ASP.NET Hit Counter with Full Digit Graphic File Support
File Upload Manager
Finally a Horizontal Scroll Bar List Box in ASP.NET!
FlashMovie WebControl
Fully Customized Reusable ASP+ Vertical/Horizontal Marquee Consuming XML/MS SQL
Generic Shopping Basket
Graphical ASP.NET Controls
Hive Multi-Validating Self Textbox Control (Final Version)
How to create customized Pagers for ASP.NET applications
HTML Cute Submit Button (Server Control )
ImageButton Control in ASP.NET
Introduction to Developing a Custom Web Control.
JavaScriptBuilder: JavaScript Handler Class for Custom Controls
Lat Lays Flat - Part 1 : A Google Maps .NET Control
Lat Lays Flat - Part 2: Advanced Google Maps .NET Control Usage
Lat Lays Flat - Part 3: Creating A Google Maps .NET Control
Lat Lays Flat - Part 4: An ASP.NET 2.0 Google Maps Control
Latitude/longitude input control: an ASP.NET 2.0 server control
Managing ViewState, Rendering and Events in Composite Custom Server Controls
ModalDialogHelper Control in ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0
ModalDialogHelper Control in ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0
MP3 Player Server Control
Multi column layout control
Multi-column dropdown combobox - an ASP.NET 2.0 server control
Multi-field Grouping Repeater
Multiline Textbox Length Validator Control
Multiple Columns DropDown for ASP.NET
NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 1. Design
NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 2. Properties & Rendering
NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 3. Email Encoding and Decoding
NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 4. Design-Time Functionality
NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 5. Implementation
NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 6. Customization
One click ASP.NET export button control for Excel/CSV file
Optimized Master/Detail DropDownList
OverLibWrapper -- C# wrapper of the overLIB DHTML popup JavaScript library
Page Hit Counter using ASP.NET and JScript .NET
Pager Control for Repeater, DataList, or an Enumerable Collection
Panel Curve Container - An ASP.NET Custom Control Nugget
PanelBar control for ASP.NET
PasswordSecurityMeter custom control
Pick Color
Positioning your UI elements in a WebControl
Postback-less, designer supported ASP.NET 2.0 color picker custom control
Progess Bar Control for ASP.NET
Reusable Progress Bar Server Control
Rich List Controls in ASP.NET
Riverside Internet Forums
Roll your own ASP.NET Chart Control
Rotated Text Image Overlay Control
RSS Feeder Custom Web Control
SDXGrid V1.0.1.5 (VS 2005)
Self Configuring Form Mailer Web Control
Self Validating ASP.NET Text Box
Server Side Message Box in VB.NET and C#
Simple country dropdown component
Site Compass - An ASP .NET implementation of cookie crumb navigation
Sorting and paging with a custom DataGrid class
SqlWhereBuilder ASP.NET Server Control
Template Rounded Corner Control
TextBox controls with limited input
The AnywherePlaceHolder. Part 1: The Simple AnywherePlaceHolder
The AnywherePlaceHolder. Part 2: The Advanced AnywherePlaceHolder
The AnywherePlaceHolder. Part 3. The AnywhereValidationSummaryPlaceHolder
The lazy way to Menus
The ScrollableListBox Custom Control for ASP.NET 2.0
The XList Server Control
The XTabControl Server Control
The XTable Extended Table Server Control
Tree style dynamic Navigation Menu
TreeWeb - custom ASP.NET control
Use a Web Control to configure a secure data connection in web.config
Using Property Extender Providers with ASP.NET 2.0
Using the AnyButton to Create Dynamic Image Buttons
Vertical Labels in Web Pages
VML Web Controls
Web Custom Controls
WebPanelBar for ASP.NET
WebTimer - a server control, (setTimeout made easy)
XML/XSLT Dynamic Menu with ASP.NET
XTextBox - Extended Textbox with EnterKey Event Handler