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 ASP. NET / General

.NET Image Uploading
.NET implementation of the SynchronizerToken pattern
100 ASP.NET FAQs: Part 1
100 ASP.NET FAQs: Part 2
A .NET web service for e-mail
A Better SiteMapResolve
A C# class to make your ASP.NET pages XHTML valid
A comparison between ASP.NET 1.x and ASP.NET 2.0
A quick guide to using nested repeaters in ASP.NET
A Simple protocol to view aspx pages without IIS implemented in C#
A Simple Way to Handle Directory Access in ASP.NET 2.0
A Simple Way to Implement Page Header Data in ASP.NET
A web based dialup Internet application
A Web based SMTP client program
Access Web.Config application settings from a console or Windows application
Action Tags
Adapting GRML
Administration page for a "Members only" section
Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server ASP.NET Wrapper Class
An Easy-To-Use CacheManager
An improvement to RegisterClientScriptBlock
Another Dynamic ASP.NET Text Image
Another look at Dynamic Content Rendering focusing on Images and JScript
ASP to ASP.NET Session Bridge Using a Web Service
ASP.NET 1.1 Web Application Compilation and Pre-compilation
ASP.NET 1.1 Web Application Compilation and Pre-compilation - Enhanced
ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages
ASP.NET Client Side Focus Helper
ASP.NET Color DropDown Control
ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - Part 1
ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - Part 2
ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - Part 2
ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - Part 3
ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - Part 4
ASP.NET configuration management: an alternative to web.config
ASP.NET Deployment App
ASP.NET Page Templates - Using Inheritance
ASP.NET Server-Side Charting with OWC11
ASP.NET State Management
ASP.NET State Management using C#
ASP.NET validation in groups
ASP.NET Watermarker Module
ASP.NET web client for Google Web API
Authenticating Active Directory user in ASP.NET
AutoEventWireup attribute in Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms
Automated Module Creation Tool for DotNetNuke
Automatically break into code when calling Debug.Assert in ASP.NET and Web Services
Avoiding spam-bots
Beginners Introduction to ASP.NET
Behind the scenes of ASPX files
Black-Scholes Option Pricing
Breadcrumbs in ASP.NET
Browser Detection using ASP.NET
Building a Better ASP.NET 1.1 BasePage Framework
Building a Better Wait Page
Building International Applications with .NET – Part 1
C# class library for exporting data to CSV/Excel file
Cassini and Apache 101
Chameleon: A complete URL Rewriting framework
Changing web application Culture on the fly
CJA Cascade JIT Activation
Client Callbacks in ASP.NET 2.0
Client-side callbacks in ASP.NET 2.0
Client-Side Paging with Tables
Comparison Table in ASP.NET using Attributes and Reflection.
Compress your ASP.NET 2.0 pages
Convert HTML to MHTML using ASP.NET
Create a valid RSS 2.0 document using XmlTextWriter
Create Dynamic Header, Footer, Side Menu
Create Typed Session State in ASP.NET
Creating an HTML Text Area Server Side Control
Creating Custom Configurations
Creating multilingual websites - Part 1
Creating multilingual websites - Part 2
Creating multilingual websites - Part 3
Crystal Reports PUSH method using ASP.NET
CSS Custom Provider To extend Web Control's Property Window
Custom Errors in ASP.NET
Custom Paging with User Control
Customized Text Document .NET HTTP Handler
Databinding Web Forms to Objects as opposed to Datasets
Declarative ASP.NET globalization
Declarative QueryString Parameter Binding
Detect the browser using ASP.NET and C#
Developing ASP.NET applications without VS.NET
DHTML Tree View of Arbitrary Depth using AJAX
Display Emoticons on an ASP.NET Webpage
Displaying Composite Text in DropDown
Do more with your ASP.NET Page Template
Domain Forwarding with IHttpHandler
DPAPI and Triple DES: A powerful combination to secure connection strings and other application settings
Dynamic Members in C#
Dynamically linked comboboxes set for ASP.NET
Dynamically load controls into a datagrid: Part 2
Easy Confirmation Message for .NET Controls
EditorPart over a User Control webpart and moving EditorPart along with a webpart
Eight tips to make you more efficient as an ASP.NET developer
Email System Using ASP.NET
Email Tracker
Enable Debug.Assert under ASP.NET
Enhancing ASP.NET Validators
Error Handling in ASP.NET
Eventing Within Composite Web Custom Controls
Events on Web Page
Everything you wanted to know about State Management in ASP.NET
Exception Handling in ASP.NET Applications
Experimenting Custom Build Providers
Extending ASP.NET 2.0 Part I: Creating Custom Build Providers
File Upload with ASP.NET
FrameControl - Framework for creating web applications
From Custom Authentication to ASP.NET Forms Authentication
Global Error Handling in ASP.NET
Global Exception Handling in ASP.NET
Go Beyond the limitations of ASP.NET Form
Help! My ViewState Is Out Of Control
How to build your own ASP.NET templates for VS.NET
How To Develop Cascading Master Pages in ASP.NET (.NET Framework 1.x) Without Using Custom Controls
How to do a Postback with Client Side Object
How to get the HTML source code from an editable Iframe, on the server.
How to Install and Run ASP.NET Applications on Systems That Don't Have IIS
How to read satellite assemblies resources in ASP.NET
How to upload an image using ASP.NET
HTML fragments parsing and creation
HTTP compression in .NET Framework 2.0
HTTP compression in the .NET Framework 1.1
HTTP Computer Manager
HttpUrlQuery Library
HuaRongDao Puzzle Game in ASP.NET
Image Galleries using ASP.NET
Inline (Single File) vs. CodeBehind
Inside Master Pages
Internet programming primer (general overview and history of ASP.NET)
Introduction to Microsoft's .NET Platform
Is E-commerce Set to Replace the Conventional Intermediary?
Item Template with Data Grid
Localized Breadcrumbs in ASP.NET with UrlRewriting support
Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0 (Part 1)
MasterPages reinvented - a Component Based Template Engine for ASP.NET
Microsoft Word Documents from ASP.NET
Modal popup dialog window with multiple parameters
Navigation using dynamic SiteMapPath file
Object Relational Persistence in .NET
Object-Oriented ASP.NET
On The Care and Handling of Cookies
One web.config for all developers
Overview of Webforms
PACT - Private Assembly Creation Tool for DNN 3.x
Page Template Framework for ASP.NET 1.1
Page Tracking in ASP.NET
Page Transition Class - ASP to ASP.NET Migration
Passing variables between pages using QueryString
Peer Collaboration - Inviting
Performance Strategies for Enterprise Web Site Development
Populate Table Control dynamically from DataReader according to format given in an XML file
Post an ASP.NET form with JavaScript
Pre-Compile ASPX pages in .NET 1.1
Preventing Duplicate Record Insertion or Page Refresh on postback of a Web Form
Problems and solutions to Microsoft Configuration Management Application Block's "XmlFileStorage" in Web Applications
Processing Long Running Tasks With Asynchronous Handlers and XMLHTTP
Redirecting to custom 401 page when "Access denied" occures within an ASP.NET application with Windows authentication
Reduce The Size Of Your ASP.NET Output
Remote Scripting
Remote Scripting in ASP.NET
Replacing the Internet Explorer context menu with a custom built context menu
Reset the page scroll position after a PostBack
Retrieving UserAgent Details in .NET
RJContentPanel WebControl For Multi-Page Templated Websites
Satellite Assembly - Multi Languages
Scramble Your Query Strings
Screen Scraping with C# for ASP.NET
Sending Mobile Photo Messages to your Website
SendMail 101 - How to send e-mails over SMTP (C# and ASP.NET)
Separating Datagrid Items
Setting up Web.config to allow uploading of large files by ASP .NET applications
Share a client side return value with the server side code
Simple User Account Login
Simple XML based Error Log
Simplify the construction of HTML inside ASP.NET server controls using ControlInjector
Slide Show - New, Improved
Some Best Practices for Improving Performance and Scalability
SQL Server 2005 Distilled - Chapter 3: Enterprise Data Management
State Management
Stop Refresh after Submitting your Request
Submission Hijacking with ASP.NET
Switching Between HTTP and HTTPS Automatically
Taming ASP.NET Validation Summary control
The amazing ASP.NET "One Time Only Clickable" Button
The ASP.NET Worker Process – Part 1
The Captcha Web Service
The Intricacies of the IsPostBack If-Block in ASP.NET
Themes and Skins in ASP.NET 2.0
Those Crazy Popups
Three Tier Code Generator For ASP.NET
Thumbnail Image Creation and Image format Conversion Utility
Transferring page values to another page
Transparent web form persistence in ASP.NET
Understanding Section Handlers - App.config File
Universal generic database record maintenance (MS Access or SQL Server)
Upload multiple files Hotmail style
Upload to Database ... Dowload by Zip File
Uploading XML data into database tables using business object, code generation and stored procedures
URL Rewriting with ASP.NET
Use a floodgate class to block multiple posts
Use the Asynchronous Power of ASP.NET to Create a Simple, Reusable Page for Displaying a Processing Message
User Friendly ASP.NET Exception Handling
Using Active Directory In ASP.NET - Dump Schema Information
Using Active Directory In ASP.NET - Enumerate Active Directory Users
Using Memory Mapped Files in ASP.NET using VB.NET
Using Multiple Sitemap Files in ASP.NET 2.0
Using Resource Files In ASP.NET
Using the FileResolver to allow virtual application paths ( ~ ) in any file
Utilizing SharePoint Form Controls (like OWSDateField)
Watermark Website Images At Runtime
Web Based Winamp Controller
Web Graphics On The Fly in ASP.NET
WebForms Automatic Generation Using Reflection (1)
WebForms Automatic Generation Using Reflection (2)
WebResource ASP.NET 2.0 explained
Working with more than one Web.config file
Writing Object-Oriented JavaScript Part 1
Writing Object-Oriented JavaScript Part 2
Writing Object-Oriented JavaScript Part 3
XML paging using XML + XSL + CSS
YASS - Yet Another Site Searcher