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 ASP. NET / Samples

"Zero Web.config Configuration" Deployment / "No touch web.config" Application Deployment
.NET Remoting under IIS - ASP.NET Application as Client.
A generic loading of data in a DropDownList using caching mechanism
A Simple Recommender System - The Collaborative Network Library
A Simple Two-Dimensional Configuration File
A small Class for simplifying the Work with URL Parameters
A useful UrlBuilder class
A very standard, powerful and easy to use Sample and Library for working on RSS 2.0
Address Book that shows the physical address
An intelligent 404 page
ASP.NET - C# Application Environment Backsplash
Automatic style changes of ASP.NET controls as per client's screen resolution
Bind Flash Movie to an MS SQL Server Database and a Webservice
BooProd.Core - Context sensitive URL
Browsing Via Directories or HTTP, with ASP.NET
Client side script helper
Combining External Data Sources with a MS SQL Database to Create Google Maps Using AJAX and ASP.NET
Config Helper
Construct and display dynamic unlimited levels of menu
Create a Web Based Non-Typed Crystal Reports Application
Creating an interactive map in ASP.NET 2.0 using SharpMap
Custom MembershipProvider and RoleProvider Implementations that use Web Services
DataGrid CheckBox Select Multiple Rows Column
DataGrid's Common Operations
Dictionary for Google Suggest like Dictionary
Display a DropDownList in a CatalogZone
DotLucene: Full-Text Search for Your Intranet or Website using 37 Lines of Code
DotNetNuke URL Rewriting HTTP Module
Dynamically Loading User Control on a Webform using PlaceHolder control
Editable Dropdown - DHTML Behavior
File System Browsing in ASP.NET: New Approach vs. Old Approach
Format and colorize C# code for the Web(log)
Free Exchanges - Add Currency Conversion to your web site - for free
Generating vCalendar files (.vcs) to download in ASP.NET
Google Suggest like Dictionary
JavaScript Control Text Design Templates for ASP.NET
Outlook Team Calendar
Querying a SharePoint Portal Server (SPPS) Index using a WebDAV request.
Reading and writing an INI file from ASP.NET 2.0
Reading contents of Web Folders in C#
Refactoring a complex ASP.NET page code - Part I
RSA Interoperability between JavaScript and RSACryptoServiceProvider - Form Login Example
Search Engine Rank Checker
Search Your Website with MSN Search
Sending Email from ASP.NET using Formatted Text Editor and Attachments
Sending SMS using .NET through Web service
SharePoint Custom Search Results Page
Static-Site Search Engine with ASP.NET/C#
URL rewrite for .NET 2.0
UrlBuilder Part II - Encoded QueryStrings
Use & Call RegisterStartUpScript, RegisterClientScript and Client-Side Script