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 C# / Applications

.NET DUMeter clone
A C# Personal Organizer
A JavaScript Compression Tool for Web Applications
A Simple Clock
A tool to change the default source control client
An Extensible Expression Evaluation Package (EEEP!)
Announcer in C#.NET using Microsoft Agent
AssemblyGrapher, a small utility for generating Type Graphs.
Backup Utility in C#
BatchRebuilder - Batch rebuilder for your Visual Studio .NET Projects
Building a Tiny WebServer in less than 500 lines
Building the CVS Root File Changing Utility
Business Dates Calculation
C Sharp Ripper
C# Compiler
C# Expression Parser using RPN
C# Popup Killer
ControlInspector - monitor Windows Forms events as they are fired (like Spy++ for .net)
Crafting a C# Forms Editor from scratch
Dynamic Dialog Box
File Contents Watcher Application
Finding things in your favorite text editor with C#
Freakshow - a sample application in C#
Gammit! An easy to use application for desktop gamma correction
HardLinks - Manage your library of common classes
HTML Table Of Contents Generator
HtmlHelp library and example viewer
Info.NET, the way to collect and organize your data on the side of your screen, similar to Dashboard on MSN 8
iTunes Style Music Browser using MSN Desktop Search API
JavaScript Code Compressor
JawBreaker Game in C#
Link 4 game with intermediate computer intelligence
Logon Account Permissions Checker
My Explorer In C#
Notepad application using C#
Packet Capture and Analayzer
Parsing Supplemental Event Log Data
Password file manager - simple double click to look at your password file
Performance Monitor Grid
Prune My Recent Documents and associated Registry keys
RSS Feed Creator
Show/Hide Outlook Express Tray App
SnippetManager written by Tim Sneath extended with cool tooltip
Strongly Typed Configuration Class Generator for VS.NET
SVGPad - Application and class library for editing SVG documents.
SwitchNetConfig - Laptop users, quickly switch network and proxy configuration in different places
Tail utility for windows
TaskLister 1.0a
The Paperless Desktop
Timer Computer Shutdown
Tool for viewing Drag and Drop and Clipboard formats
Transport Stream Analyzer for HDTV standard
Use a timer to create a simple alarm application
Using a system tray application to check , send and configure emails
Visual Studio Editor Clone V0.1a
WebTester in C#
xmove - Regex enabled file move command
XsdTidy beautifies the Xsd.exe output *with full DocBook .NET Wrapper*
Yahoo Emoticons, Hidden emoticons (smileys) and Emotes in your system tray
Zoomer - Capture/Zoom/Add Filter/Choose Format/Save