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 C# / Debug and Tracing

A Brief Introduction to the log4net logging library, using C#
A Comprehensive Logging Package for .NET
A Release Mode Breakpoint Using Reflection Emit
A Simple Customizable Windows Event Logger Application
A simple solution to see the inside of your code
A Treatise on Using Debug and Trace classes, including Exception Handling
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Bug Fix Tracking in C# Executable Files
CHTMLLogFile class in C#
Console Enhancements
Create a Debugger Visualizer in 10 Lines of Code
CStopWatch - Stopwatch style code execution speed tests
DbMon.NET - A simple .NET OutputDebugString capturer
Debug Console Window
Debugging NUnit Test Scripts
DebugWriter - A simple property value dumper
Dll Profiler in C#
Enhancement for the cool Minesweeper Memory Reader
Evaluate C# Code (Eval Function)
EventLog and resource-only DLL orchestration
Execution Timer
FreeCell & Hearts, Behind the scenes
How to create an SMTP Trace Listener
How to solve "The format of the file 'devenv.exe' is invalid" blank white page exception at design time
I take exception to that argument!
Introduction to Nlog
Minesweeper, Behind the scenes
NetCase - Automated test case API using metadata programming in .NET
Not So Simple Error Log
Object Explorer
Project dependency graph generator
Simple Code Path Testing
TraceListeners and Reflection
TraceTool 7: The Swiss-Army knife of trace
Tracing for Compact Framework apps
Windows Service Test Form
Write Debug/Trace Information to XML