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 C# / Games

A basic Particles System
A C# implementation of Reversi (Othello) Game for PocketPC and Windows
A gameserver query library
A Network Based Multi-Player Eater Game
A Simple Yahtzee Game
A Tetris Clone using GDI+
A Tetris game written in C#
Backtrack technique to solve Chinese Slide Block Puzzle (Hua Rong Dao)
Borg Knowledge Assimilator
C# Asteroids
C# TicTacToe with AI and network support
Clickmania Game
Create games with the AllegNet library for .NET 2.0
Endogine sprite engine
Fast, Texas Holdem Hand Evaluation and Analysis
FreeCell Discombobulator
Frog Go Hop
Hexomania - A Game for Hexagons
HiLow Card Game
Insect Life Simulation
Learning Connect Four
Learning Draughts/Checkers
Navy Battle Game
Navy Battle Game - II
Navy Battle Game - III
Path Finder AI
Pentominos - A C# implementation of the famous puzzle game
Poker logic in C#
Random Number Die Roller
Sliding Puzzle Game
Slitherz 2.5 (A C# snake game)
Sokoban Pro
Star Fighter
Sudoku (Suduku) Solver
Sudoku Game in C#
Sudoku Solver and Generator
Tetris Board and Shape Control
The boardgame Twix with a twist
TicTacToe in C#
Word Building Network Game With Intelligence
WURDZ, an addictive word game - make words from random letters!

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