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 C# / General

.NET Connector for Microsoft Outlook
.NET Rational (fraction) value type using Decimals, written in C#
A "how to" for Delegate use as a thread safe pointer
A .NET File System Watcher
A BitStream Class for the .NET Framework
A C# idiom to simulate global functions
A C# Password Generator
A Calculator using C#
A Comparative Study of Java and C#
A computational statistics class
A custom DateTime
A fast equivalent for System.Random
A Fast Serialization Technique
A General Fast Method Invoker
A Generic Enum Detail List Class
A managed "Send To" menu class
A Modified C# Implementation of Tony Selke's TextFieldParser
A New Task Scheduler Class Library for .NET
A Practical Guide to .NET DataTables, DataSets and DataGrids - Part 4
A Proposal for an Enhanced C# Property syntax
A Raw Serializer
A realtime event log monitoring tool
A simple but handy utility for serializing and de-serializing various data
A small set of routines for compressing and decompressing various types of data
Abstract class versus Interface
Accessing alternative data-streams of files on an NTFS volume
Accessing an EJB from .NET Using IIOP.NET: an Example
Accessing COM+ component using C#
Add run-time functionality to your application by providing a plug-in mechanism
Advanced Unit Testing, Part I - Overview
Advanced Unit Testing, Part II - Core Implementation
Advanced Unit Testing, Part III - Testing Processes
Advanced Unit Testing, Part IV - Fixture Setup/Teardown, Test Repetition And Performance Tests
All about abstract classes.
Alternative way to support languages under the .NET Framework
An Easy way to interface with semiconductor SECS/GEM equipment in .NET
An Event Pool
An extension for a Configuration Settings class in .NET
An Introduction to Business Objects in C#
An SVG framework in C# and an SVG-GDI+ bridge
An Undo/Redo Buffer Framework
Another Look At IDisposable
Application and component configuration
Application Configuration Editor using the PropertyGrid
Application Data Utility Class
Application Framework to plug components - Part I
Application Framework to plug components - Part II - Notify Events
Applied Reflection or stop SWITCHing
Arithmetic Overflow Checking using checked/unchecked
ASN.1 Editor
Assert Enhancements
Asynchronous Context Processor
Autocaster - Implicit interfaces for .NET
Automate key sequences for repetitive tasks, reference XML data
Automatic Command Line Parsing in C#
Automatic Expandable Properties in a PropertyGrid
Automating the code writing process using macros
Avoiding null in C#
Base 36 type for .NET (C#)
Base class for cloning an object in C#
Base64 Encoder/Decoder in C#
Benchmarking Direct, Delegate and Reflection Method Invocations
Bit wise operations in C#
Blackjack - a real world OOD example
Building Snap-In Applications: Appendix A, Code Signing for Security
C# 2.0 Aliases
C# 2.0 Nullable Types
C# BigInteger Class
C# Bitwise Helper Class
C# DateTime Library
C# Documenting and Commenting
C# Script (the missing puzzle piece)
C# Script Engine tutorial
C# Server Enumerator
C# XML Directory Lister
C#/.NET Command Line Arguments Parser
Castle's DynamicProxy for .NET
CleanUp Files using C Sharp
Command Line Windows Services Manager
Command Line Written in C#
Command Line Written in C#. Part 2: Attribute Arguments.
Complex Data Binding a collection implementing IBindingList and ITypedList
Conditional Invoking of Methods Using Delegates and Reflection
Configuring TCP/IP Settings using WMI and C#
Console Input in C#
ConsoleLibrary, C-Functions for use in C# console applications
Constructors, Destructors and MSIL
Controlling iTunes through COM
Conversion of Decimal to any Base (Binary, Octal or Hexa) and vice-versa (C#)
Converting JScript.NET to C#.
CRC Encoding
Create String Variables from Embedded Resources Files
Create Transparent Windows using C#
Creating Cool Agent User Interfaces
Creating Custom Controls-Providing Design Time Support 2
Creating MMC Snapin using C# (Part I)
Creating Your First C# Windows Application
Creation of Exception Layer using OOPs Concept
Culture Invariant DateTime values
Custom application configuration. [With Editor Demo]
Custom AppSettings
Custom ConfigurationSettings through configuration resource embedding
Declarative Programming--Unifying Form And Web Development
Decompiling CHM (help) files with C#
Demonstrating Custom Attributes: Build An Assembly Searching Tool.
Descriptive Enumerations
Design by Contract Framework
Desktop Switching
Developing Managed Event Sinks/Hooks for Exchange Server Store using C#
Dotnet eXtended framework
Dynamic Proxy Creation Using C# Emit
Dynamic Screen Resolution
Dynamically load a class and execute a method in .NET
Effective C# - Part I
Embed Win32 resources in C# programs
Encryption/Decryption with .NET
Enhanced EventLog writing for .NET Applications
Enhancing User Experience - Part 1 : A Simple Unit Converter Application
Enums as a DataSource
Enums powered by Reflection
Errors in XML Log with C#/.NET
Exception Handling in C# with the "Do Not Catch Exceptions That You Cannot Handle" rule in mind
Extreme Optimization #1.1: Mapping IP addresses to country codes.
Fast Dynamic Property Access with C#
Fast Dynamic Property/Field Accessors
Fast late-bound invocation through DynamicMethod delegates
Fast/Compact Serialization Framework
File Watcher Windows Service in C#
Flattening a Hierarchy – a producer thread to get all files in a folder and subfolders
For C# - For and For More
Fractions in C#
Fun with Unit Testing - testing abstract classes
Game Of Life 2 Life Wars
Garbage collection and resource deallocation
GBVB - Converting VB.NET code to C#
General Guidelines for C# Class Implementation
Generate Valid MSNP9 ClientTicket
Generated Access to .NET Resource Strings
Generic IComparer
Generic Object Factory
Generics in C# 2.0
Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem using C# and ATL COM
Get System Info using C#
Get The User Name In C# For NT Authentication
Getting local groups and member names in C#
Getting unsafe with pointers in C#
Gmail Agent API v0.5 / Mail Notifier & Address Importer
Graphic Button Controls for Skins
Gregorian Date To ISO Date Converter
Hacking out the C# 2.0 Iterators
Handling Multiple Views on a Common Data Set
Helper class to load WinWord
High-Performance Timer in C#
HighResClock - C# High Resolution Clock Class
How to Configure Default Values in .NET Classes.
How to convert DOC into other formats using C#
How to copy a String into a struct using C#
How to Edit and Persist Collections with CollectionEditor
How to fix DateTime values after .NET Xml Serialization
How to get user SID using DirectoryServices classes
How to make a Smart Tag using C#
How to Test Private and Protected methods in .NET
How to use Microsoft Agent in C#
Humanizing the Enumerations
I/O Ports Uncensored - 1 - Controlling LEDs (Light Emiting Diodes) with Parallel Port
I/O Ports Uncensored Part 2 - Controlling LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) and VFDs (Vacuum Fluorescent Displays) with Parallel Port
IEnumerable And IEnumerator interfaces
Implementing Object Undo and Redo capabilities in .NET
Implementing Perl-style list operations using C# 2.0
Incorporating Parameterized Construction in the Singleton Design Pattern
INI Class using C#
Intelligent Systems - Part I
Intentional Logic in C#
Inter-Process Communication in .NET Using Named Pipes, Part 1
Inter-Process Communication in .NET Using Named Pipes, Part 2
Intercepting method calls in C#, an approach to AOSD
Internet web macros in C#
Iteration Performance in .NET
Jalali Calendar
Javascript to find the weeknumber (Gregorian Calendar)
JS Parser
Keywords you can use when declaring method parameters
Launching a process and displaying its standard output
Launching a process and processing its standard output in real-time
List processing using Yield and Delegates
Little Class Library to manage project file related Windows Form Application
LSA Functions - Privileges and Impersonation
Macro Management Framework
Mail Checker 1.0
Mapping exceptions to events
Mapping Text to Enum entries
Masks and flags using bit fields in .NET
mbNotes: electronic notes v1.1
Message & InfoBus Components
Message Maintenance Architecture with C# and XML
Message Queue Part I - Using message queue for connectionless programming
Microsoft Web Browser Automation using C#
Model View Controller (MVC) Using C#, Delegates and Events in .NET
Most Recently Used (MRU) Menu class for .NET 2.0 in C#
Most Recently Used (MRU) Menu class in C#
Motion class to animate your controls
Multi-threaded polling process - base for NT-Service
MultiException: Type-Safe Collections without CollectionBase
MultiLanguage Applications
Multilingual Support in C#
Multiple Indexers In a Class Using Interface Indexers
Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting, Part 2: C# Control
NetSpell - Spell Checker for .NET
Neural Network OCR
Notepad Application in C#
Object Comparer
Obtaining (and managing) file and folder icons using SHGetFileInfo in C#
One Type To Convert Them All
Opening multiple document windows with previous instance
Operator overloading for Mathematical Libraries
Optimize your C# with Inline ASM via ATL and C++
Optimized IP to ISO3166 Country Code Mapping in C#
Option Library
Passing binary data in xml: a C# example which puts and gets icon and bitmaps to and from a xml file.
PDF creation using C# (and Office) from RTF/DOC files
Performance considerations for strings in C#
Persisted Data in C#
Plug-in Manager
Pluggable Remote Object Hosting
Plugin Architecture using C#
Poker Card Library and Poker Bot Challenge
Populate data from database in a ComboBox
Practical Unit Testing - a manual
Printing Reports in .NET
Production Grammar Framework for .NET with Applications to Testing
pseudoLocalizer -- a tool to aid development and testing of internationalized applications
Random generators for .NET
Read/Write XML files, Config files, INI files, or the Registry
Real World Best Practices for Handling Dates
Really Lazy Properties
Redhotglue C# ArrayObject
Refly, makes the CodeDom'er life easier
Report Builder
Ride the Override
RSS Reader
RTools.Util - C# Library
Run a Command Line Tool as a Windows Application in C#
Runtime C# Expression Evaluator
Runtime Compiled Symbolic Expressions
Safe typecasting of arbitrary data
Self installing .NET service using the Win32 API
Serial Communication using C# and Whidbey
Serialize Printer Settings
SettingsXpress - Application Settings Made Easy
Simple Active Directory Browser
Simple Application Settings Persistence
Simple EventLog
Simple Source Line Counter in C# for C#
Simplifying Exception-Safe Code
Simulating polymorphic operator overloads with C#
Single Instance Children Forms in MDI Applications
Single Process Instance Object
Single-Instance C# Application - for .NET 2.0
Sorting Algorithms In C#
SparseArray for C#
Spart, a parser generator framework 100% C#
Static Events
Step by Step: Event handling in C#
STL-Style Functor Delegates
StopWatch with digital display
String Enumerations in C#
Stripping Accents from Latin Characters: A Foray into Unicode Normalization
Strongly Typed Guid Classes
Structs in C#
Synchronize access to stream data section by section
SystemTrayNotifyIcon with Event Generator
Task Scheduler Library for .NET
Text-based menu class for Console Applications
The .NET bug: the finally block could be executed twice
The Application Automation Layer - Using XML To Dynamically Generate GUI Elements--Forms And Controls
The Application Automation Layer - Using XML to generate Menus
The CFGLite Project
The Helper Trinity
The Interface construct in C#
The myUML Project.
The Runaway Application
The tiny wrapper class for URL history interface in C#
Threading in C#
Three C# Tips: Indexed properties, property delegates, and read-only subproperties
Top 10 tips and tricks to jazz up your C# business solutions/server products
Traditional "Hello World" Programme Using Different Approaches. PART-II.
TypeLoader for .NET
Understanding CGI with C#
Understanding Destructors in C#
Understanding Simple Data Binding
Understanding the 'using' statement in C#
Understanding the Generic Type in C#
Understanding the System.Buffer class
UNIX timestamp to System.DateTime
UploadFileEx: C#'s WebClient.UploadFile with more functionality
Use .NET Reflection APIs to facilitate get/set property
Use Reflection To Generate Complete Color Chart
Use WM_COPYDATA to send data to/from C++ and C# Windows processes
Using a Property to store an Array
Using attributes to document alterations
Using C# Generics to implement a Cache collection
Using Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) to check for new Exchange email
Using CollectionBase and DictionaryBase
Using IEnumerator and IEnumerable in the .NET Framework
Using IFilter in C#
Using IMessageFilter to create a generic filter for operating system events
Using Interfaces for Advanced Accessibility Control Level
Using MSMQ from C#
Using POP3 with C# to download and parse your mail.
Using the _CDECL calling convention in C# (changing compiler service)
Using Unmanaged code and assembler in C#
Verifying .MD5 file verification databases
Visual Source Safe 6.0 Recursive Rollback
Visual Studio 2010 Concept IDE
Visually Manage Applications Settings
VSA Scripting in .NET
WaitCursor hack using using
Whereis for Windows
Win 32 API Timers for .NET
Winding Back the System Clock
Windows Impersonation using C#
Windows Message ID constants
Windows Service Management
Windows Services information component
WinXpStyle Class
Working with collections in the .NET Framework
Working with Crystal Reports in C#
Working with the COM+ admin objects under .NET/C#
Writing Hello World in different styles using C# and .NET
XML Finite State Machine in C#
Yet Another Chess Board Control
Yet another Logger class
Zip and Unzip from a C# program using J# runtime