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 C# / Graphics

2D Math Curve Presentation for your Project
2D Poligon Drawer-Animator
3D Pie Chart
A custom drawing application based on the .NET Panel class
A flexible charting library for .NET
A Simple Photo Publisher Program
C# Wrapper to the FreeImage DLL for graphical image format conversion
Capturing the Screen Image in C#
Converting image files to OTA file format (Mobile Picture Message)
Creating Bitmap Regions for Forms and Buttons
Creating EAN-13 Barcodes with C#
Don't Flicker! Double Buffer!
Drawing a Dynamic Chart in C#
Drawing Component to build GIS and CAM applications
Drawing Lines And Rectangles Using the Mouse
Drawing UPC-A Barcodes with C#
EXIFextractor library to extract EXIF information
Fireball.Core FreeImage Wrapper
Folder Resize
Fractal Snow
Free Maps from the Web Using Web Mapping Service
Image Capture
Image Rotation in .NET
Importing 3D objects into Avalon from 3DS files
Integrating C# and OpenGL
Locus Effects
Mandelbrot Set for C#
Map component for building GIS applications (GisMap)
Multiple Matrices With ColorMatrix in C#
Output graphics files using your printing code
Painless yet unsafe grayscale conversion in C#
Quick Snip - Lightweight image resizer
Reading Adobe Photoshop images
Reading Barcodes from an Image - II
Screen Captures, Window Captures and Window Icon Captures with Spy++ style Window Finder!
Screen Capturing
Simple Arrow Animation
Simple Charts Using OWC (Office Web Component)
The Art of Noise
The Koch Curve - Snowflake!
Watermark Creator
Writing effect plug-ins for Paint.NET 2.1 in C#