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 C# / How To

A Simple Drag And Drop How To Example
A Workaround to Customizing and Localizing the Microsoft ReportViewer .NET Toolbar
Accessing CVS Repository with C#
Accessing songs and playlists from ITunes using C#
Adding a 'Minimize to tray'-button to a Form's caption bar
Adding tray icons and context menus
Administrate Indexing Server from within your application
An Elementary HTML Parser
Automatically Translate your .NET resource files with Google Translate
Automating Internet Explorer
Build Your Own Add-in For Microsoft Office Using .NET
Building Snap-In Applications
C# Creating Dynamic Menus
Calling API functions using C#
Capturing the Desktop Screen with the Mouse Cursor Image
Check to see if an MDI Child is already active in an MDI Parent
Coloring Consle and changing its Title
Compiling code during runtime
Compress Zip files with Windows Shell API and C#
Control Electrical Appliances using PC
Convert Arabic Number to equivalent Arabic text
Convert between UTC (Universal Co-ordinated Time) and local time
Converting WinForms => Web Forms using CodeDom
Create in-process asynchronous services in C#
Creating FTP and Web IIS virtual directories
Creating Custom Controls-Providing Design Time Support 1
Custom String Formatting in .NET
Decompress Zip files with Windows Shell API and C#
Description Enum TypeConverter
Detect browser closing through clicks on the [X] button
Detect if another process is running and bring it to the foreground
Detecting XP Themes
Displaying a Notify Icon's Balloon Tool Tip
Distance between locations using latitude and longitude
Dynamic Invoke from Unmanaged DLL
Dynamically changing menu items according to CultureInfo
Enumerate and Host Control Panel Applets using C#.
Enumerating Active Directory Objects using C#
Extracting files from a remote ZIP archive
Filtering object collections using reflection
Filtering properties in a PropertyGrid
Getting the user idle time with C#
How to avoid WSODs in the Visual Studio 2005 Designer
How to create a DLL library in C and then use it with C#
How to create a virtual directory with C#
How to Create Birthday Reminders Using Microsoft Outlook, in C#
How to develop a screen saver in C#
How to find current ApplicationContext at run time
How to get current ApplicationContext instance at run time
How To Get IP Address Of A Machine
How to get User Data from the Active Directory
How to launch Windows applications (Notepad) / Call Batch files from a C#/.NET console application.
How to make a mail enabled contact in C#
How to retrieve REAL Hard Drive Serial Number
How To Swap Top Level Forms
How to use a DLL from the GAC
How to use Crystal Reports with Access database in C#
Implement a basic IP Scanner for a local LAN in C#
Importing and Extending ActiveX Controls in .NET
Install a Windows service the way YOU want to! (C# version)
Integrating Help into Visual Studio .NET
Interop: Waiting in C# on External Win32 Events
Kill any application with system menu using C#
Late-Binding DLLs in C#
Modify the list of typed URLs in IE
Modifying Configuration Settings at Runtime
Multilingual applications using C#
Object Serialization using C#
Open and Close CD drive in C#
Parsing floating point strings with specified decimal separator
Parsing the IL of a Method Body
Plug-ins in C#
Populating a drop down control from an XML file
Processing Global Mouse and Keyboard Hooks in C#
Programmatically add references to Visual Studio .NET
Reading and Writing Configuration Application Block: Enterprise Library 1.0
Receiving Events from late-bound COM servers
Regasm2.exe – The .Net/COM+ Installation Tool.
Restricting Application to a Single Instance
Saving and obtaining custom objects to/from Windows Clipboard
Sending Data from a Flash Movie to the Hosting C# Application
Sending Tasks Programmatically
Service Controller
Single Instance Application in C#
Small Registry Tweaker for VS.NET Associated Files
Sorting custom type elements stored in an ArrayList
The "Silent Process Service&quot
Using AOP in C#
Using Diagnostics.Process to start an external application.
Using EHLLAPI in C#
Using Reflection to convert DataRows to objects or objects to DataRows
Using Reflection to convert DataRows to objects or objects to DataRows
Using reflection to extend .NET programs
Using reflection to fill ListViews with arbritary objects
Using Resource-only Assemblies with C#
Using Resources in Your Application Part I - Simple Embedding.
Using Updater Block
Using Windows APIs from C#, again!
Utilize Internet Explorer to display reports using XML and XSL from a Windows application
Visually Present Configuration Data
VS Recent Project List Cleaner
WallPaper Changer for .NET
Working with Embedded Data
Working with vCards using the MS CDO for Exchange Library
Writing a Win32 method to find if an application is already running
XML parsing in C#