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 C# / Samples

.NET scripting, a new approach
A C# implementation of Unix crypt()
A C# Mersenne Twister class
A C# Serviced Component for Websphere MQ 5.3
A Message Loop object
A small C# Class for impersonating a User
Add a context menu to the Windows Explorer
An enhanced wrapper around the LOG4NET logging framework
An MSN Messenger Log Listener
API Browser
Application Suite Template
Asymmetric Arithmetic Rounding
Automatic currency rate updates every day to your database.
Automatic Undo/Redo for .NET classes
Automating a specific instance of Visual Studio .NET using C#
Bottleneck - a tool for finding code bottlenecks in C#
Build a class to generate random passwords
Building Applications with the SharpDevelop Core
C# and WebSphere MQ (formerly MQSeries) Client/Server examples
Calculator with Proportionaly Resizable Controls. Using Hashtable() to store default locations of controls.
Client-Side Caching for .NET Applications
Command line application to install components into ToolBox
Compiling and Executing Code at Runtime
Complete Users' Password Administration for .NET
Converting CSV Data to Objects
Converting numbers to another radix
Custom app.config
Custom Objects From the App.Config file
DIY Intellisense
Document Processing Part II: Request Driven OCR
Dumping is easy
Dynamic Crystal Reports Viewing
Export DataGrid to Excel
Exporting Crystal Reports in different formats
Fowler Refactoring Example
Full-text searching with IFilter's
Generating a unique computer/user ID using C#
Hex Converter
How to reuse the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) cool type browser editor in your components
IBM WebSphere MQ with C#: GUI application that is both GET REQUEST/ PUT RESPONSE and PUT REQUEST/ GET RESPONSE
IInterfaces Part 1 – Implementing IEnumerable and IEnumerator.
IInterfaces Part 2 – Implementing IComparable and IComparer
Inductive Presentation Framework in C#
Integrating MapPoint in your .NET applications
Interpreting Intel 80-bit Long Double Byte Arrays
Invoking methods @ Runtime on method name
Loading Crystal Report reports which use Stored Proc in C#
Make similar suggestions for input text by remembering old inputs
Multi Tab WebBrowser
Need a SetConfig method for your Configuration Settings? What about an AppSettingsWriter?
Number conversion methods
Pdfizer, a dumb HTML to PDF converter, in C#
Range Constructor
Read tags of .ogg files
Recursion using C#
RSS 2.0 Framework
Run other programs from your .NET code
Simulate the "Nudge" Effect
Single instance app in C#
Sorted Dictionary C# 2.0
Strongly Typed Event Log Data
Subliminal Messaging
Template based code generation
Template for VB.NET (C# Users).
Term frequency/Inverse document frequency implementation in C#
Test for additional instances of a process – short and simple
Tree Builder
TwoSB (two student bodies) IDE for Java
Useful classes for using with ASP/C#.NET applications
Win Count
“Hello world” program using Indigo MSMQ Service