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 C# / Windows Forms

A Base Windows Form for displaying, editing and automatically updating Many to Many relationships – Part 2
A Base Windows Form for displaying, editing and automatically updating Many-to-Many relationships - Part I
A class that persists form settings automatically
A Pretty Good Splash Screen in C#
A Resizable Analog Clock in C# using GDI+ & Windows Forms
A Reusable, Flexible Error Reporting Framework
A Shaped Windows Form Application with Variable Opacity
A Simple Configuration Form for Applications
A simple framework for adding undo/redo support
A Single Instance Application which Minimizes to the System Tray when Closed
A tryst with Whidbey: Background operations in Windows Forms
Access Parent Statusbar from a child
Add Context Sensitive Functionality to a Windows Forms Control
Add Most Recently Used Files (MRU) List to Windows Applications
AoB: A Base Windows Form for displaying, editing and automatically updating Many-to-Many relationships – Part 3
Article One: Building a UI Platform in C# - Drag and Drop
Article Three: Building a UI Platform in C# - The Control Composite
Article Two: Building a UI Platform in C# - Testing via UI Animation
Article Zero: Building a UI Platform
Automatic Fading Form
Broadcasting Events through a Control Hierarchy
C# Wizard for Beginners
Centralize Show Form Validation Logic
Changing the background color of cells in a DataGrid
Coding in Tiers - Part I
Coding in Tiers - Part II
Creating a non rectangular form using GDI+
Creating Collection-Based Controls with Rich Design-Time Support
Creating Custom Shaped Windows Forms in .NET
Cute Splash Windows and About Boxes using .NET
Document Management Toolkit Library
Drag and Drop files from Windows Explorer to Windows Form
Drag and Drop Internet Shortcuts from Windows Forms to the Desktop
Drag-and-Drop Attached File From Outlook (97 and above) to C# Window Form
Drawing Cards with Cards.dll
Enabling Windows XP Visual Style UI for your C# applications
Extending the save file dialog class in .NET
Fade-in forms using .NET and C#
File Splitter Utility in C# - WinForms
Fireball Resourcer
Floating, collapsible transparent window in C#
Form and Control Position and Size Utility
Form appearance effect and notification window
Form Placement Component
Form Region Extender Provider
Full Screen Mode in C#
Generic Property Window
Gradient Forms - The Easy Way
How to do Application Initialization while showing a SplashScreen
How to use data caching in a .NET Windows Forms application
Instantly Changing Language in the Form
Interactive Shaped Forms
Introduction to MDI Forms with C#
Irregular Shaped Form
Looking for the missing link - Binding business objects to WinForms
Making Windows Forms thread safe
MdiClient Revisited
Move window/form without Titlebar in C#
Multi Document Interface (MDI) tab page browsing with C#
Multi-monitor programming in C#
Multithreaded UI Model-View Data Binding
Navigation through records with a TrackBar (Slider)
Non-transparent controls on a semi-transparent window
Not Just Another Form Fader
OnMouseClick generating automatic loop process (zoom or shift) using threads
OSD window with animation effect, in C#
Passing an Object between Two .NET Windows Forms
Persist Window State Component
Persisting TextBox Values in a Windows Forms Application
Pre-beginner's guide to using a timer
ProgressDialog: for executing long-running code with some thread safety
Proper Threading in Winforms .NET
PropertyGrid utilities
Reporting in Windows.Forms
Runtime resizable controls!
Save valuable screen space by hiding seldom used or insignificant controls on a WinForm
Saving and Restoring the Location, Size and Windows State of a .NET Form
Simplifying GUI development with Actions
SnapFormExtender - a magnet for your MDI child forms
Sticky Windows - How to make your (top-level) forms to stick one to the other or to the screen
Synchronizing the Active State of multiple forms
The Favalias Application
Tic Tac Toe in C#
Tiny WinForms Application Framework - Juju
Unleash PropertyGrid with Dynamic Properties and Globalization
Use the ApplicationContext Class to Fully Encapsulate Splash Screen Functionality
Using a delegate to pass data between two forms
Using Cache in Your WinForms Applications
Using inheritance to create Windows Forms dialogs.
Window Hiding with C#
Window State Monitor
Windows Explorer in C#
Windows Forms Setup Saver
Windows Style via IExtenderProvider
Windows XP Visual Styles for Windows Forms
Working with Registry in .NET
Ye Aulde Application Starter