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 PanelBar control for ASP.NET / Custom Controls / ASP. NET

Sample Image - PanelBar.jpg


The PanelBar control is a rich UI web control. It can be used to build an Outlook-style application. I'm providing this control as a sample for building ASP.NET custom controls.

Using the control

The PanelBar has full design support. So, using the control is fairly simple. Just install the component by adding the PanelBar.dll to the list of components in Visual Studio. NET. Drag an instance of the PanelBar component on a form and set the design-time properties. The PanelBar has an items property which gives access to the collection of PanelBarItems. The appearance of each button can be set by using the Text and ImageUrl properties. The PanelBar component also has an ImageUrl property that is used for providing a default image for the buttons.

About the code

The code is very well commented. The following classes are defined:

  • ScrollPanel: implements a scrollable Panel, used as a base class for the PanelBar control
  • PanelBar: implements the PanelBar control
  • PanelBarItem: implements the PanelBar buttons (consists of a LinkButton and an ImageButton)
  • PanelBarControlBuilder: implements the control builder for the PanelBar
  • PanelBarControlDesigner: implements the control designer for the PanelBar

Дебетовая карта Home Credit [CPS] RU