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 Development of Dynamically linked comboboxes set for ASP.NET / Custom Controls / ASP. NET


In my article "Dynamically linked comboboxes set for ASP.NET", I have represented an ASP.NET custom control realized by a FrameSet with one hidden aspx file. This hidden file pumps data from database and carries out data to acting page.

At present, browsers mostly support IFRAME, so we can realize data exchange between pages by this tag  and refuse data from FrameSet. In this case you don’t need to keep HTML file for FrameSet, in which hidden frame was located. We can link hidden aspx file by src attribute of IFRAME or write code directly in IFRAME tag.

I have carried out the binding code by aspx file and register this script in OnPreRender method of the custom control class (see CLocate.cs).

string siframe ="<iframe name=\"hidefrm\" " + 
         "style=\"DISPLAY:none\" src=\"CusControl/HiddenFrm.aspx\">" + 

Page.RegisterStartupScript("scriptiframe", siframe);

Surely I have made appropriate changes in the client scripts. Now you need not care to link your active page with the FrameSet HTML file. The pPrevious version of the class LocControls has been renamed to CLocate.

Further details can be received from my previous article Dynamically linked comboboxes set for ASP.NET.

To further develop this control you can change LocControl.cs and/or HiddenFrm.aspx.cs and compile once by this command line:

  • csc /t:library /out:CusControl.dll CLocate.cs HiddenFrm.aspx.cs.

Client side code is stored in Cuscontrol/usscript.js.

Дебетовая карта Home Credit [CPS] RU