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 Transfering session state between ASP and ASP.NET / Sessions and Session State / ASP. NET


We need to transfer ASP session state to ASP.NET session state.

Things to consider

  • ASP and ASP.NET sessions are not shareable.
  • We would need something intermediate so that there is minimal rewriting of code.
  • We should be able to uniquely identify each client's session.


We can use database as the intermediate platform for transferring sessions. Create a table as:

ID Key Value

The ID should be unique. We can use Timestamp with IP address or GUID. We can store all session variables in this table as:

For i = 1 to Session.Contents.Count)-1
  strSql = Query to insert Session ID, Session.Contents.Key(i), 
  cmd.CommandText = strSql

Through this code, we can have all our session variables in database. In order to make this generic, we will write this code in a separate page, say Transfer.asp.

Asp page will contain now -> Response.Redirect(Transfer.asp?page=ASPXPage.aspx).

Transfer.asp will have Response.Redirect(ASPXPage.aspx?ID=xxxxx).

The aspx page will retrieve all the variables and put into the session in a similar way. We have passed the GUID as Query String. Not a good idea, I guess.

Hope you all find this useful.